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What Our Customers Say...

Thanks so much for creating the awesome game SYZYGY! It is lots of fun!
We're making SYZYGY addicts out of all our friends!
Maureen, Hawaii
How we heard about SYZYGY - it was when we visited a niece in Indiana. She had all of us playing the game...she played it at her sister-in-laws in Hawaii, so from there to here. We liked playing it and showed our children and played it until late hours. We are giving it as Christmas gifts. Thank you and wishing you well and success on this venture.
I really do like this game a lot and have gotten several of my friends hooked on it as well. A marketing point might be that it has no board to get damaged if something spills...the game is practically indestructible. I love the fast pace; you don't have to wait your turn or wait on slower players like you do in *&$*#&$%......I think the game has a lot of potential.
TRY THIS NEW SCORING OPTION: Hello again. My games arrived today and I'm excited to bring them home and play with some of my friends. When reading the directions I did not come across the directions that we all played by that I felt made the game so great. The system of making crosswords and drawing is identical, but the way the scoring is done is very different and encourages the riskiness of creating bigger words. At the end of the game, every tile you haven't used counts 1 against you or negative 1, but for every word that you have made that is 4 letters or more counts as a positive one. A four letter word counts for 1, a five letter word counts for 2 , a six letter word counts for 3, and so on. This system of scoreing makes the game very exciting because you can always risk things near the end by creating bigger and bigger words that count the most for you. I highly suggest adding this type of play to your directions. I have read the other types of ways of playing, but still prefer this method because its is always challenging the mind to create bigger and bigger words.
I played the game at a family gathering in February. My cousin who brought it had purchased it from the Web, but that site didn't list it anymore. I'd been calling around all the games stores and toy departments I could find, as well as searching the Internet. I'm a Scrabble player, but when playing SYZYYG, I love the fun of many people working at the same time. I loved the fast pace and excitement.
Dear Lorraine, I have a dinner for the young adults in the area every 3 weeks and we can't wait to clear the dinner dishes from the table to get the SYZYGY game out. I was in California last week, visiting my sister who inherited my mom's SYZYGY game. We played it every chance we got!! I love this game!! I've sent this message to every person I could think of. I'd love to see you very successful at this.
Karin, South Carolina
We have enjoyed this game so very much and have given it to several friends. We have taken it to retreats and to relatives to introduce them to the game...and everyone loves it you know.....you can also play it in two languages at the same time!
Susan, Indiana
SYZYGY was just delivered and this is my grandaughters 10th birthday. Thank you for your excellent service and for your complimentary note on the shipping slip. I am now entering my 83rd year and my mom was one of the best Scrabble players in the family. We love crosswords, jumbles, etc... You should see my grandchildren's eyes roll up when I tell them I was the Champion Speller of James Madison Morton Jr High School in 1933!!! I guess they can't believe I haven't checked out by this time since they never heard of 1933!!! Thanks for your prompt service.
I just played it at a family reunion last summer in Tennessee. Have been looking for my own ever since! I was so happy to find your web page.
Carolyn, Washington
Dear SYZYGY Folks, What a great game!! My family and I really enjoy playing! We have come up with an additional way of playing that we wanted to share with you. Include a timer while you play. Set it for 3 minute intervals. Get up and move 1 place to the left whenever the timer goes off, so you are continually moving around the table. FUN!
Thanks, Deb D. Montclair NJ
We played Syzygy with friends and we are hooked!
Tara from Columbia SC
My sister bought a Syzygy game and we have been hooked ever since and are sending it on to family and friends for Christmas!
Chris from Stanwood WA
Merry Christmas!! We thought this would be the perfect gift for two people with many languages!
Love, Bob, Chris, Amy, Forrest, Laurie, Sarah, Tucker, Cheyenne, Tabitha, Gizmo, Sundance, Maisy and Ranger!! From Stanwood WA
Played this summer in Michigan...had great fun. We all played from ages 10-50. Looking forward to getting my own set and giving a set to others as presents.
Melinda, Sutton - Dublin, Ireland
We would like to share how we sometimes play SYZYGY. We DIVIDE the tiles evenly at the very start and then we all scramble to create our puzzles with the tiles we have...First to finish WINS! Lots of Fun.
Cathy in NH